Change to be thankful for

I’ve lived in several different homes. The one I grew up in, the one I shared with three amazing girls in college, several apartments in Queens as a “working adult in the city”. A few days ago, TJ and I said goodbye to the first home we shared together, an apartment with a decent commute to our jobs in Manhattan, to move into our forever home in the “country”. (I put country in quotes, because while I see more wildlife then people on my commute to the train station every day, I am hesitant to commit to being a country girl…)


The change feels really good. My parents came down to help us move in and unpack. Seeing my Dad and TJ sitting on the couch as I peered into our family room, I had an overwhelming sense of everything being exactly the way it was supposed to be.

The process for us to buy this home was not easy. We first saw it in April but didn’t end up closing until mid September. This is NOT normal, even for NY! So much of the time I felt like we were trying to put a circle peg into a square hole with the process, but I am so so so thankful that we stuck with it, gave where we needed to and held strong when necessary.

TJ and I are very fortunate and I am so grateful. My parents always taught me that hard work will always pay off, the easy way out is never the way to go. This is basically the way TJ and I approach life. Sometimes I complain that we are going crazy because of the decisions we’ve made, but in reality I love it. I love the feeling of reward from hard work and sacrifice. It inspires me and makes me work harder…

So here is to the next chapter in our lives, and the crazy, stressful adventures it brings!



Bourgogne Wine Region


Wanted to post a couple more images from our Euro trip! I’ve put together a sample from the Bourgone wine region. Looking back on all these pictures, it feels so surreal that I was actually IN these places! You can see from the below, that they truly are fairy tale like! I highly recommend the area of France. Especially Chateau De Chateauneuf. It was the best food we had in all of France at L’Auberge du Marronnier!






bourgogne_wine_region_fr9 bourgogne_wine_region_fr13









Beauty around every corner in Paris

It has been over a month since we got back from our Euro trip. It has taken me a loooong time to go through all of our close to 1,000 pictures. Here is a selection from Paris. My favorite thing about the city, was of course the AMAZING food: caramels from Jaques Genin, Bordier butter at L’Avant Comptoir, macaroons from Laduree…and baguettes and croissants from ANYWHERE. But second, Paris contained uncanny beauty every where you turned. And the women. It was literally like all of the beautiful women of the world were just sent to roam the streets of Paris. And they are so fierce! I spotted one women riding a bike with a pair of 5 inch black leather Louboutin boots. Only in Paris, right?



The cafe culture in Paris is incredible. No matter what time of day, you will always find fashionable Parisians packed on the side walks of these great cafes. Coffee shops by day and bars by night. If you pass a cafe without a packed side walk, continue to pass on by, it is very obvious people flock to the really good places!





The Eiffel tower was magical at night. We only saw it from the distance during the day. I highly suggest a nighttime visit. It sparkles like gold!





Half of the pictures I took on the streets of Paris were of the balconies, windows and shutters of buildings. I couldn’t get enough of the Parisian architecture!b_lue_paris2015_0006_seven

The Notre Dam was pretty incredible. Both outside and in. b_lue_paris2015_0007_eight



Okay, so ever since my terrible experience at the Uffizi in Florence, I’ve decided that I cannot go to big popular art museums while on vacation. You stand in line for way to long buying tickets, only to be basically herded through out the place packed in front of the masters like sardines. I am SURE the Mona Lisa would have been great, but you couldn’t pay me to step foot into the Louvre. At least not my first time in Paris. I’d rather spend that time sitting in a park sipping wine. Which we did. b_lue_paris2015_0010_eleven




I will go back on my fear of museums though if you get a recommendation for a smaller, quieter museum like the Picasso. It is DEFINITELY worth a visit. (Plus, Picasso is on of my all time favorites). There were very few people, and the museum was tucked away in a quiet neighborhood in the 3rd arr.

Next up will be pictures of the French countryside, which topped our favorite list for the whole trip! Stay tuned!!



Seeking out Inspiration!

In a week and a half TJ and I leave for our big Euro trip! Just yesterday we purchased our first dSLR camera and I couldn’t be more excited to put it to good use! I am really hoping to be inspired while abroad…to really sink into and absorb other cultures. I have some really high goals for myself and B.Lue come this fall. We will see how my visions are influenced by our travels!

In some other great news, I just got the notification e-mail yesterday that our wedding was accepted as a feature on the Knot.com! It’s such great exposure for B.Lue….and just really nice to be able to go back and relive the events from 2 years ago. The feature is set to run in October, so it will be a nice 2 year anniversary present!

Happy Wednesday to all!



My current favorite pins!

It’s always good to have inspiration boards, which is why I LOVE pinterest so much. Here are a couple of beautiful, creative and unique wedding invitations that I am totally into right now.


Okay, how creative is this?! Your save the date would be super memorable if it were scratch off! Check out that link to see lots more innovative design ideas.


I am a sucker for white space and beautiful typography. This is a simple yet stunning invite by my dear paperie.

Douglas Behl

Ok. I bet you’ve never seen an invitation set like THIS before. The colors are stunning, and so is the personality. I’d love to see what the rest of this wedding was like! Design by Douglas Behl.

wedding paper divas

Ah, beautiful water color and knock out typography. This design is so romantic. By wedding paper divas.

upup creative

And finally, a bold and graphic suite. This couple definitely has a eye for color! By up up creative.

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Wedding color palette inspiration


Lets talk about color. It plays a huge part in the cohesive design of your wedding and while color inspiration can come from anywhere, the easiest place to start would be the season in which you plan to have your wedding. These color palettes are all inspired by season:



Bouquet: Lane Dittoe



Table Props: Cynthia Martyn Events Inc. & Stemz



Photography: Deborah Zoe



Boquet: Alively Photography

Another way to choose a color palette is to pin point the type of wedding you’re planning. Stay true to your taste and the style should come to you naturally. Here are some examples:

Are you a modern couple? Do you like minimalistic sleek architecture and strong lines?


Dress by Rosa Clara, Invitation design by B.Lue, Napkin ring by Bohemian Bloom

…or are you a traditional couple? You prefer the classics; neutral colors and textures that boarder on rustic?


How about designing your wedding around your favorite color? The one you’ve always seen when daydreaming about your future wedding? Here are some color combinations based off common favorites.


Big Archie Linen and Vinnie cushion

See what I mean by inspiration coming from anywhere? Isn’t this drapery amazing? And it complements a navy color palette wonderfully…


This is a great example of how a gold-ish orange can beautifully accent traditional royal blues and neutral grays.


Here is a great example of how soft green and gold can accent each other in a non-traditional way.

Color palettes are so fun to create and really tie the design of a wedding together. Which are your favorites?