Transition to fall fashion

Even though it’s been terribly HUMID in NY over the past three days, I am very excited to start wearing fall pieces… I actually considered putting on my grey suede ankle boots today (even though it is 85′ out) buuuut decided to hold off for at least a couple more weeks ; ) Here are some really great ways to start mixing in “It might be hot out, but it’s September” clothes to your wardrobe. AddinBootsI might take inspiration from this look sometime next week… the ripped shorts may not be office appropriate, but a cute skirt would def work.


Love the sweater-over-dress combo here. I bought a basic black dress from old navy a couple weeks ago, and think it will pair great with some of the sweaters hiding in my closet.Baubles to bubbles_blazinThe professional-meeting-laid-back look is so on trend right now. And you know I couldn’t pass up a hot colored blazer like this one. The only problem for me is, my closet is lacking one! You can shop these pieces outlined by Baubles to Bubbles here!

NewHairsOh, and lets not forget the inspiration for my latest haircut… I wanted to go shorter for fall for two reasons: 1. because I’ve had long hair for a while, and 2. because my wavy hair could be manageable in the cooler months sans humidity. (The weather played a trick on me and I ended up getting it cut on the hottest day of the year in NY… harr harrrr) This cut is apparently called the “lob” (meaning: long-bob) which I HATE the sound of, but so far I am enjoying styling it. It kinda feels a little 90’s-grunge. Interesting…

Happy Friday everyone!


Mixed media fabulousness by Gregory Euclide


One of my favorite forms of creating art is mixed media. Here, Gregory Euclide is making mastery of this very style. His use of painting, found items, moss, wood and paper is magical.




I love the shadow and depth created by the silhouette of the paper against the rich background.


Gregory Euclide is an artist and teacher living in the Minnesota River Valley. His work has been featured in Badlands: New Horizons in Landscape at MASS MoCA (2008-2009), Otherworldly at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York (2011), Small Worlds at the Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio (2011), and was recently on view in the solo exhibitionNature Out There, at the Nevada Museum of Art (2012). Go visit his site now and be inspired!

Water color obsessed

No one will be surprised here, but I am 100% jealous (and crushing on) the water color illustrations by Marta Spendowska. Her brand V E R Y M A R T A is basically what I dream my work being. She creates beautiful water color paintings for a variety of applications, print/brand/accessories… they are just gorgeous.

Marta Spendowska water color

Marta Spendowska water color

Marta Spendowska water color

Marta Spendowska water color

Marta Spendowska water color

Marta Spendowska water color

Marta Spendowska water color

Marta Spendowska water color

Marta Spendowska water color

Marta Spendowska water color

Marta Spendowska water color

Marta Spendowska water color

Just can’t get enough beach

aruba1TJ and I started our summer out early this year, which after the winter we had, we welcomed with open arms. We’ve been obsessed with the beach ever since and though it’s almost labor day, we aren’t totally ready to say good bye to summer JUST yet. With that in mind, lets take a journey back to April in Aruba : ) aruba2

I HIGHLY suggest renting a jeep if you plan on driving in Aruba. They tell you off roading is “off limits” but that is a lie. You can tell when you pick up your jeep. If the inside is covered in sand, you know the person before you had a blast, and so should you! Some of the best sights we saw were by just exploring beaches that were totally undeveloped. aruba6

You should also visit Arikok National park. There are beautiful natural bridges, mountain goats, caves, wild donkeys… TONS of stuff to explore. I didn’t realize before our trip that Aruba is basically a dessert. A dessert with palm trees. And lots of cacti!


But, if laying by the beach is what you’re looking for:


Then Eagle Beach in the low rise area is DEFINITELY what you are looking for. Just enough people for it not to be too remote, but definitely not crawling with people like the high rise section of the island is. See here:aruba5

While still beautiful, the low rise area is much more relaxed. See, these ladies definitely dig the vibe of the low rise area much better.


All in all Aruba is an awesome, adventurous, yet comfortably Americanized island. We’ve already talked about going back…




Beautiful flower hair pins

SakaeFlowerHairOrnaments SakaeFlowerHairOrnaments2 SakaeFlowerHairOrnaments3 SakaeFlowerHairOrnaments4Aren’t these flower hair pins GORGEOUS?

Japanese artist Sakae creates these hair ornaments which are called kanzashi. They are traditional hair pieces that have been around for a long time in Japan. Each flower is hand-crafted from resin with a delicate brass wire around the edges. They are startlingly realistic! And apparently they fetch a hefty price, the most recent went (in auction) for close to 4k!

Behind the scenes!

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 1.57.34 PMI  have to remind myself of the projects that I’ve worked on that have been particularly grueling… and not necessarily because they’ve been hard work. Just long work. Sometimes you need to go back to things multiple times to get the best results. Often I find myself rushing through things because I want to see or hold onto the end product. All great things take time…

I thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peek into the development of my wedding stationary portfolio. So far I have three designs underway, all totally different. I am hoping to have at least seven before shooting and putting together the portfolio. I’m excited, but I need to remember to take it slow and not rush the process!


Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 1.57.55 PM Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 1.58.23 PM    photo 2Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 1.55.49 PMphoto 1Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 2.05.51 PM

Soft neutral color palette

I’m currently working on putting together a portfolio of wedding stationary. My first “client” is looking for a soft, sophisticated spring inspired set of stationary for their future wedding. I shot white freesia this weekend against a neutral background, and am going to try and get to the paper source today to look at papers/envelopes. Here are a couple of color palettes that I’ve been looking at that would match the tone for the set!

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The most beautiful paper flowers you will ever see. Period.

papertopetal_1 papertopetal_2 papertopetal_3 papertopetal_4 I am going to add making paper flowers to my list of “Things I wish I could be doing all day long”. Aren’t these beautiful? The best part of how imaginative these florals are seems as though once you’ve got the basics down, you can really just pull together papers and materials and let your imagination run wild with creative flower making! Don’t know the basics? Seems like there is a book, which will give you all this beautiful knowledge. I need to get my hands on that, quickly!


I haven’t posted in a looong time. I think I got a bit discouraged, bored maybe. But then yesterday I was scrolling through my blog (narcissism anyone?)  and I lost track of time! I was like, hm, I love this stuff. I love looking at it. I love remembering doing this, taking this picture, finding this great inspiring designer. SO, I am back at it. And maybe YOU are happy about that, because YOU love all this too ; )

I’ve also been dreaming up new futures lately ; ) (more on that to come…) but it MAY have something to do with all of the beautiful stationary I’ve been pinning. I am obviously drawn to these floral concepts and design. Something tells me these might inspire a project this weekend…

932e6b2618ec1798b86968f061629f67 cempaka surakusumah eventofpaper_png Lisa-Hedge Ruffled - photo by -