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We got “snowed in” today! I can’t believe that it has been snowing since 5:00 this morning. It reminds me of home, all the way upstate! Working from home is both a good and an evil, but lately, much more of a good. TJ and I got to spend time together while getting work done at the same time. Plus, even before my “work” day started, I was able to do laundry, clean the bathroom AND vacuum our apartment. All in the time I usually spend commuting. Le sigh.

I’ve been working on a couple cover layout options for a project for work, and found reference and beauty in some of these. It’s such a tricky thing to get typography to lay nicely ontop of an image without ruining either. Its even worse when your client keeps adding more content! ; ) These layouts do a beautiful job of balancing both:

magazine_layout_designspiration magazine_layout_designspiration magazine_layout_designspiration magazine_layout_designspiration

Shooting with Andreas Kuehn

I’ve been working in pharmaceutical advertising for almost 7 years now as an art director, and just last week I was lucky enough to be able to run my very first photoshoot (in a real studio, with a real photographer!) While legally, I can’t go into ANY detail about WHAT we shot, or what we shot it for, I can tell you it was amazing to work with Andreas Kuehn and his team.

photo 1Working on getting the lighting readyphoto 2

Having a hair and make-up team was awesome.
photo 3Look, I even had my own directors chair!! Even though I barely sat down…

Through out the day we shot six models, and Andreas really got into each of them. We spent 8 hours together, and by the end of the day, it was like we were a part of a family! I highly recommend Andreas as a photographer, and LOVE the work he has done with these intimate skin portraits. His wife, who is also the hair stylist, showed me these gorgeous photographs of older women the two of them styled and shot together with BEAUTIFUL white hair. I cannot wait until they post them. The women were stunning. But for now, you can feast your eyes on these beautiful tributes to the largest human organ…

andreaskuehn andreaskuehn2 andreaskuehn3

Fall wedding invite design

When TJ and I got engaged, we automatically knew that we wanted to have a fall wedding. Pumpkins, the color of fall leaves…perfect! The venue where we were going to have the reception was famous for its beautiful sunsets, so for our save the date, I wanted to paint a sunset using the colors that I planned to pull through the rest of the stationary design.


As I mentioned before, we both wanted to incorporate pumpkins into the design. To keep the style consistent, I used watercolors to paint the pumpkins to be used on the invitations stationary.


In addition to the pumpkins, I made sure to pull through elements of the sunset to the closure tab and the title of all the pieces.

invite_clasp invite_full fallweddinginvite Fall_rsvp fall_directioncard

Hope these might inspire your fall wedding! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you’d like to work with me on creating stationary for your special day!

Babies room illustrations

My sister-in-law found out she was having a girl last week! YAY, another niece! To get myself more excited for another baby in the family, I’ve been researching illustration for the nursery. The twins got water color paintings of bunnies and elephants when they were born…. excited to work on a new illustration!

Some pretty things to inspire me:

belleandboo inameliart scottbalmer trafalgarssquare

Restart in the new year

I love ringing in the new year. I always feel this sense of refresh, the ability to start new. 2013 was FULL of planning, appointments, traveling and being super busy. I have a feeling 2014 is going to be a career focused year. Not that the past ones haven’t, but things have been shifting and changing and I am ready to focus different energies into my development.  I am excited to spend some time updating my personal website and working on more outside projects, while at the same time facing new challenges and opportunities during my day job. But with all of this, I need to remember to have a sense of balance…


In 2013, even though there were so many AMAZING things going on (I mean, hello, I got married!) I always tended to focus more on negative things. This year I really want to kick that habit, and remember to balance my thoughts, feelings, life and actions. Things always seem better in retrospect and that is something else I want to be able to change a little in 2014. To live in the moment. To be thankful as things happen, not after they’ve happened. And while I am excited to work and continue to shape my career, I need to remember that my life is more important and that needs work as well. Here is to a new year, new goals, challenges and the ability to learn and grow!


Holiday party dress code

Yesterday afternoon I went on a little walk around the streets of NYC for some window shopping. Black and white is definitely “IN” it seems. Literally, every window I passed was filled with black and white dresses, pants and festive attire. Very classic, yes, but a little boring. So, this year — attend your holiday party in one of these great outfits and you will be sure to wow! I would LOVE this head to toe patterned outfit designed by L’wren Scott for Banana Republic. So fun! Happy Holiday Partying!

holiday style, 2013 party style, dress up for holidays1. Green shift dress Mango; 2. All white v-back dress BR; 3. Head to toe pattern by L’wren Scott for BR; 4. Red lace Anthropologie; 5. Patterned heels Jcrew; 6. Sparkly flats Zara


Olsen – Influence

Olsen Twins, Influence, Ashley Olsen, Olsen twins book, mary-kate olsenI have a ton of books at my desk at the agency. People come borrow my magazines, flip through my design books — but the most commented on book is always My Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen book, Influence. At the 3 agencies the book has traveled too, it always gets a stare and a “…is that an Olsen twin book on your desk?” Why yes, yes it is, and it is not only visually stunning, its chuck full of cool read worthy stuff too. In the book they document an array of awesome people who’ve influenced their work, careers and lives. Its super inspirational and interesting. I recommend anyone who loves beautiful things, art and inspiration to check it out. Influence

photo 1 photo 2 copy copyphoto 2 photo 3 photo 4